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How I made a pumpkin soup

 Pumpkins and I are related to my life only by the vague memories, when as child I used to carve them for Halloween (and in Lithuania we do not even celebrate Halloween, but my family never used pumpkins for food). What is more, only a year ago, while in the Netherlands, I happened to taste pumpkin soup for the first time. 
I have heard the word pumpkin much too often this year: pumpkin soups, pumpkin pies, pumpkin pancakes… So, it is no wonder why subconsciously I started planing on how to make a pumpkin soup. Finding a recipe was not hard at all, I visited Beatos virtuve and found a simple pumpkin soup recipe. I got a hold of the products easy enough and what we need are:
  •  1 mid-sized pumpkin;
  •  5 pieces of garlic;
  •  2-3 onions;
  •  3 celery scapes;
  •  ~ 50g of butter;
  •  some thyme, salvia, salt, pepper;
  • chicken or vegetable bouilllon;
  • cream/milk;
  • ginger and sweet pepper ( I did not have ginger root or sweet red paprika, but instead I used ground ginger and ground red sweet pepper).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Started working and guess what? Pealing and slicing pumpkin happened to be the most difficult thing. I guess, as I did not check, that it took me at half an hour to peal and slice it!… My folks told me later that it sounded as if  I`ve tried to break a slicer.

After I finished pealing garlic and onions (these need to be quartered) and slicing  celery into inch sized pieces, the next thing to do was to  put them onto the baking tray, season all the vegetables with salt pepper, some thyme and salvia, put some butter on the top and bake them for an hour in  a ~180 degree oven.

When the vegetables are ready put them into a pot, pure the bouillon ( the bouillon has to cover vegetables) and let it boil for 10-15minutes. After you let them boil, there is not that much left to do. What you need is to find a blender and blend vegetables, then poor the cream in and, if needed, some milk ( only if the soup is too thick). Lastly, with shaking hands (who knew that pumpkin, ginger and sweet pepper work so well together!), I seasoned the soup with a bit of ginger and sweet pepper and put it back on the stove to boil for a bit. I served it with some Parmesan cheese and some crouton on top.

This soup is a kingdom of flavour and tastiness! It was so warming and velvety..  And it more than perfect for this sleety weather! Definitely do not think that I could have done better as for the first time.

·     Bon appetite!

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