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So today I am going to share my favorite TED presentations. I am pretty sure that most of you know what TED is, but for those who do not, TED are ideas worth spreading. It is, basically, a page with thousands of presentations in various topics from a to z (link: the reason why I decided to share these presentations is that recently I have more than I need free time on my hands, so I thought I will just spend it educating myself a bit. And well, TED is perfect place to start. So, without further adieu, here are the presentations:
I will start with the one, which I saw first, a bit more than a year ago. It is ” Try something new for 30 days” by Matt Cutts, a  Google engineer. This is an amazing 3 minute presentation on trying something new for only 30 days. We all know how routine can sometimes make us feel like we are stuck in one place and, what is more, we are too afraid to start something new. Basically, Matt here comes with a solution and that is, try something new for  30 days. Anything. Try to walk every day for 30 for an hour, try to take photos every single day, try to go to bed every day at 10 p.m.. Just do something you never did. When I watched this presentation for the first time, the same day I decided to challenge myself and, as Matt did, take a photo every singe day for 30 days. And you know what? I remember every singe day of those 30days and i remember how there were days, when it would be so hard to pick up a camera and take a photo..But I did and I`m proud of it. What is more, this was the presentation , which inspired me to start writing this blog (I know, it took me a year to actually start writing it, but I had my reasons..).
In my opinion, this is a presentation that everyone has to watch. A photographer Lisa Kristine spent the last two years traveling around the world and perpetuating modern slavery in different countries. She made thousands of pictures of people in slavery, recording their daily life. And the pictures… Are extraordinary. And they have so much feeling in them. Moreover, it is not only about the pictures, it is, more importantly, about the really sensitive subject she touched- slavery. Modern day slavery is a topic I`m particularly interested in, as is it something that people know about, but tend to be silent about. And it should not be like that. People should care about that and talk about that. People should be aware of what is happening around the world and in their own yard (Link: ” Gimpse to a moden day slavery”  
As I am interested in arts the next presentation that fascinated me was Maurizio Seracini ” The secret lives of paintings” (press on the name for the link). Maurizio Seracini clearly illustrates how arts and science by working together can achieve undreamt goals, and how science can help to improve the history of art and what we know about the paintings. I really admire the fact that he and his team found what was thought to be lost. It is just the unveiling of a secret that thrills me. My favorite so far.
And now about body language. ” Fake it `till you become it” by Amy Cuddy is so much worth your attention if you want to be successful in life and reach the goals you have determined for yourself. I am not going to talk much about this presentation, it is better if you watch it and learn yourself.
Last, but not least, is also about our bodies. But this presentation is about what extraordinary movements bodies can make while a dancer communicates his ideas to an audience. What grace. And speed. Beautiful ( link: ” A choreographer`s creative process in real time” )
That`s it for now. Enjoy!
P.S. Some presentations have subtitles if you need.
P.P.S.S.  What are you favorite TED presentations? Feel free to share them!

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