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Ending pumpkin season (Squash,orange and lemon jam)

Finally, squash season has ended. This year the end of pumpkin reign in our house coincided with the beginning of calendar winter and, thank God, pumpkin mania is over. I have never ever in my life had so much squash and I am proud to say that my family is over pumpkins; well, at least for now. We all know, that too much of something is unhealthy (and there was too much of squash).
As this fall pumpkins were reigning in my kitchen, the last week I had to use my imagination in full power to make something eatable from it. Now, this you would say is not hard at all, but keep in mind that I had 8kg of squash. Some challenge, you know. Part of pumpkin I froze in the freezer and I am not going to defrost it till February at the least;  Some of squash I used for two soft and creamy, and delicious pumpkins pies; I also prepared Galetta with squash and caramelized onions- this, by far, is my most favourite squash related meal (the recipe I found at  seven spoons page). Be sure to try it! And last, but not least, I had some 500g of squash left from baking pumpkin pies, so, I decided to “experiment”- make a squash, lemon and orange jam. This is what I want to tell you about today- the “experiment”. 
I have got to confess- there is no big story to this. As you already know, I had this squash left after baking pies and I thought that if my folks enjoy the pie, I will just make one tomorrow. So, I put the leftovers in the fridge and went to treat myself with oranges. As I was sitting on the couch, pealing the orange and enjoying its wonderful taste a lightning stroke me. Ok, not a lightning- a shock of understanding that oranges and squash go together really well. I literally jumped out of my seat and ran to the kitchen with this half pealed orange in my hand. Opened the fridge, took out the squash and noticed  a lemon lying on the side (who keeps lemons in the fridge?!…). As you already understand, I was standing with squash, lemon and orange in my hands thinking how to put them all together. The answer was simple- make a jam. And I did. And I ended up with this recipe:
500g of squash puree;
1 mid-sized lemon;
1 mid-sized orange;
100g of sugar;
Some lemon and orange zest.
The making (very easy)
Squeeze lemon, orange juice and poor them into a pot. Then, poor squash puree, sugar, lemon and orange zest and stirring it easily cook till it becomes thick, ~30minutes. When finished, poor jam into jar and cover it. And… Voilà!
The taste
Yummy!!! Several flavors, but not too many and they all complement each other heavenly. When you taste it, you cannot always be sure what you are eating… Very, very, very successful “experiment”. For now, no. 1 jam.
P.S. I was very proud with this successful “experiment”, thought I came up with something a bit new, but, it seems, it was only me, who did not know about this recipe. Ah, still- delish!

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