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Oggi e ieri

Yesterday I was thinking that flight Vilnius-Brussels- Bologna I will never forget in my life. Not because the flight was exciting or something, but because the whole journey I could not keep myself from smiling. And, because a steward said that I was the only blond on the plane which, at the moment, I thought was quite funny. Yesterday I was also thinking how Martina and Gemma met me at the airport: „ We have been waiting for you since yesterday…“ It seems like I was flying home instead of starting a new adventure in my life. And I felt just like home after the first few days. Yes, I already  call this place home because it seems I have spent here a lifetime and everything that I did in those short 12 days is a big and fat ieri. Ieri I for the first time celebrated a birthday the Italian way. Ieri I understood how cold it can get in Italy. Ieri for the first time I went to Modena and Parma. Ieri I went on a wrong bus and ended up only-God-knows where. Ieri I learned how to make pizza. Ieri for the first time I got lost in Bologna. Ieri, after a week of snow and rain, the sun showed up. And it all was ieri.
But today, today is quite different from ieri. She is a bit fatter and fuller and knows a bit more. Oggi, I know which is my favourite piazza in the city. Oggi I know, that bus no.32 goes straight to the station and that traffic in the downtown part of the city is closed for weekends and buses run on different schedules. Oggi I know that I live „between walls“( which means in that I live in the old town. In Italy you either life „between walls“ or „outside walls“). Oggi I know that, besides being great in football, Italians are even greater in charade- I can only be jealous of their capability to express themselves without words. Oggi I know that if heard saying „La Grassa“(which is rarely I guess) I still should not be surprised as „ La Grassa“(„the fat one“) is a nickname for Bologna. I cannot disagree with the given name. Even being here for two weeks I already noticed that Bologna is a city that gods love. They love in the way, that those portico streets are a pleasure to walk and when the sun shows up it seems like all the red houses of Bologna are bathed in it. „La Grassa“– the fat, the rich, the joyful and the lazy: awarded with its oldest university in the world, long kilometres of portico streets, all those piazzas and torri. And oggi, I already know that i will want to learn to prepare melanzane con pomodoro, mozzarella e Parmigiano, cause there is just nothing better that eggplants.
Tomorrow. Domani. Nobody really thinks much here about domani. And talks even less. Though, Italians are not known for their punctuality and even though Italians seem relaxed, time is an essential thing surrounding their lives.  Everyone here lives oggi and a bit ieri. Ieri made Ragù tastes much better oggi. The longer pasta is being dried, the better it tastes. The longer Parmigiano and Prosciutto are being dried, the better the quality of them. Same way with the wine. Oggi we are enjoying something that is from ieri. And domani we will think about ieri. And I, with hundreds of plans and thoughts say: che sarà sarà…

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