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Do you know that when winter comes bears bury themselves in caves and sleep till spring? Well, that`s what has happened to me. No, I am not a bear, but I have been ill for almost a month and there is nothing a person wants to do more than sleep while having a 39.2 degree temperature. Now I now that I had plenty of spare time to write blog posts, but when you are ill there is nothing much to write about. And what is more, you really do not want to write at all. Or do anything in that matter… 
But now when I am feeling much better and not suffering from any influenza related illnesses I had actually accomplished a goal of something that was actually fun and worth telling you about. 
Festa del cioccolato. Everyone knows that after illness you want chocolate. Well, at least I do. Or maybe it`s just me and my good friend V. who crave for this goodie?? 

It is ok as long as we found ourselves excuses to go to the Festa .
Life in Bologna.I have not talked about life in Bologna for a while. But it is such a dynamic and interesting city with so much to do! And one thing I did- I went to a concert “in memoriam” of a famous Italian singer and songwriter- Lucio Dalla. I did my research before going to the concert and you know what?! I  actually did know at least a few songs of him! Apparently he is famous not only in Italy, but abroad as well. And the concert was amazing. You never  see a person being celebrated so passionately in Lithuania.

I must mention days in Bologna when the weather was spring like and sun was shining and it seemed that finally we are going to get some warm weather. And weekends full of all the Italian dishes and pastry… These are the fat days as I call them.

Ah… The sweet life it is.


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