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This blog post could actually be very short as everything that I have to say can be put in two sentences.
There are beautiful cities in the world. And then, there is Firenze.
And now, I will try to explain why.
First of all, when you go out of the train station in Firenze, you are struck by the number of tourists. It is almost literally impossible to walk without bumping into another person. And you know what? The number of people just gets bigger when you try to get to the historical city center.  Especially, if you try to reach Ponte Vecchioand cross the river. I mean, I understand why I have found this written on the wall in the old town. For the locals it can feel like this sometimes.
Secondly, the worst Gelato I have ever tasted was here in the beautiful Piazza della Signoria. Of course, there is no one to blame but me that I did not do my research were the best Gelato in Firenze are, but still, that was a shame…
Just kidding. This is not the reason why I distinguished Firenze from all the other cities I visited.  Firenze has a certain charm. The city is all gracious and luxurious. With its palaces and cathedrals, narrow streets and little hidden churches, tall towers and gigantic palaces Firenze feels like a huge open air museum.  All you want to do here is stare and be fascinated.  
And you do not need to be an art specialist to notice pretentiousness façade of the Duomo or the difficult structure of Ponte Vecchio. But these are just the two main sights known by the tourists. There is much more to the city…
Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore and Basilica di Santa Croce are as beautiful as the Duomo. An ideal balance of structures, forms, colours and sizes.
And there is so much to in the city besides sightseeing. There is something for everyone. If you are madly in love you can go to the oldest bridge in the city and brake the law- put a lock, which symbolizes love, on the bridge and the key threw into river Arno. Or if you are deeply into history of art you can visit Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio for Michelangelo or Bartolomeo Ammanati works.
Little discoveries.
I notices a lot of Pinocchio shops around Firenze and, though it was not my first time here, I discovered that the so famous children`s book author was born here.
There is this Basilica della Santissima Annunziata which can be easily missed by all the other basilicas and churches in the city, but this is one sight that I will visit again. It does not look much significant from the outside, but when you go inside…It takes your breath away.  The dark wood, golden patterns and dim sunlight coming through windows makes this place feel so magical and especially beautiful.
Ah. The only thing I regret is that I did not have enough time to explore the city more. If you go, do not go for a day or two. Take your time in this city. Go for a week.   Explore it. Fall in love with it. Find your favourite places and make the city your own.

Fails and stuff.
The bad Gelato in Firenze was not the worst thing that has happened to me and V. comparing to Italian strikes. I have heard people talking about strikes in Italy many times before and I have heard how sometimes it affects everyday life, but till Sunday I have not been affected by strikes.  I was joking about the strike that is about to start on Monday, but you know what happened? The strike started a day earlier! Our train back to Bologna was cancelled as well almost all the other trains and we had to stay in a gigantic line in order to change our tickets and, finally, not get seats on the train and stand all 40minute journey with heavy backpacks. Ah, “sciopero”.
On Saturday morning I and my friend were happy about the fact that it was the first time that we did not have to literally run to the train (which, by the way, happens all the time). We were happy. Until we realized that the cheap ticket for the train had to be bought a day before leaving. Well, we learned from our mistake.
But all is good that and goods. At least we got some comfortable chairs and free wi-fi…
Ok. Not that good. On the train I received an e-mail from the hotel that our reservation was not confirmed so we needed to find another hotel to stay in. Not that fun.
Almost forgot. I went to Pisa on Saturday as well! What a beautiful place Piazza dei Miracoli is! I have heard that Pisa is not the cleanest city and that the leaning tower is not worth the hype, but I think they are wrong. It is absolutely gorgeous there. 

And one last thing. Me and V. missed the train from Pisa back to Firenze. How stupid is that? I am happy though that we did not lose our heads  while on this trip.


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