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City of Titans

Spring is beautiful everywhere and it is especially beautiful in Italy. When the sun heats up the air to 25 degrees, when the skies are cloudless and blue there is nothing better than to take a backpack, put your most comfortable shoes on and go on a small weekend long adventure in Italy.
After the sunny and warm weather in Firenze it was much easier now to put the necessary clothes and leave gloves, boots and warm jackets at home. And, of course, the bag was much lighter to carry. Me and V. were super excited as it was the first time this year when we went to the beach and, what is more, we visited another country- San Marino.
San Marino. Or the city of Titans. There is this legend that many years ago, when Titans lived on the earth and Gods in the sky, gigantic and angry Titans decided to conquer the sky and kill God Jupiter. In order to reach the sky, Titans started to build a mountain from gigantic stones, but goddess Sibyl, with her gift of prophet alerted Jupiter of the danger and Jupiter landed from the sky and killed all the Titans… until today remains only a mountain, which is known by the name of “mountain of Titans” on which San Marino is built.
Though San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world, only 61 km2, the country has an extremely long history and is a picturesque place. 
When driving through narrow roads you reach the top of the mountain, which is about 750 high, the first thing you want to do is admire is the panorama of fields, hills and, if the weather is good, even the seashore!
Though San Marino is small in size there are so many things to discover there. From the narrow streets and quite few museums to the symbols of San Marino- the three towers. These towers are of a great importance to the small country, you will find a picture of them everywhere, from the post stamps to being painted on money… Talking about souvenirs. Leather, gold perfume and all other pricy things here can be bought a bit cheaper (San Marino is not an EU country), so you do not be surprised to hear Russian language spoken in all the shops and restaurants. That was quite a surprise as I did not expect to hear less Italian here, but I later was told that Rimini and San Marino are one of the main attractions for eastern tourists.
But back to the three towers.  Without any doubt, me and V. had a goal to visit all the three towers situated in San Marino and though they are close to each other, walking up and down the rocky mountain is a bit of a walk. But still, definitely worth the effort.
So, we visited the towers and then there was time to see the city itself. When we reached Piazza della Liberta, me and V. walked straight into two Italian weddings with very loud celebration, tons of confetti and eye catching cars…
We had a very fun experience in a local shop, where after tasting quite a few brands of local wines and being a bit tipsy, decided to buy some local wine (which is very, very nice). The only problem which occurred much later in the evening was that we did not have any tool to open the wine with…
But all is good that ends well.  Italians are helpful people and there is no shame to walk into a pub or a bar and to ask a bartender to open the wine.
Rimini.  Sea, sun, kites and extremely delicious Gelato. A day in Rimini is not enough for sure. I mean what you want to do for at least a day is to enjoy sun on the beach and then maybe another day take a walk in a very beautiful city. And then enjoy Rimini`s nightlife, which is amazing.
I visited Rimini at the very beginning of the season- me and my friend were the first guests in the hotel (but what a lovely family runs this business!), the beaches were half empty as well as the streets…  And you would not think that anything strange could happen here. While walking around the city and trying to find a shop I stumbled on the onlyLithuanian living Rimini. What a coincidence! This made me and V. smile for a while. 
The only bad thing was that the weekend ended far too quickly for us. After saying goodbye to the sea, a bit tanned and all happy we came back to Bologna already planning another adventure in our minds…
A presto!

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