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Ferrara and friends.

Le botellón.  When on Friday evening I arrived the first words I heard were something between these lines: “Andiamo.. Presto… Le botellón…“ These words made me and V. a bit confused. Nonetheless, we left our belongings at our new temporary home (yes, home, as staying with the friends of V. felt just like home) and went straight to this festa called Le botellón.  This, actually, is not an actual festa but more of an economical way of drinking when a bunch of people come together in a Piazza and enjoy some wine. This time this event was organized by the Spanish Erasmus students and more than Italian language you were able to hear Spanish. After all, Spanish know how to party.

Ferrara. Ferrara is not a big city and while staying with people who live in the city you actually start to notice same people and notice that everyone knows each other. But, nonetheless the fact that the city is small; there is so much to see and do here.
First of all, when you walk into the old town, the first thing I noticed was a small but very beautiful castle which is one of the castles in protected by UNESCO. Castello Estense is surrounded by a moat, it has three entrances with drawbridges fronted by brickwork ravelins. The fourth entrance, to the east, was sacrificed to make room for the kitchens (by the way, gigantic carps live in the moat!). When you walk around the castle it seems like you just stepped into some movie about knights and kings from medieval times.

Speaking of, me and V. have this luck to get ourselves into these accidental festivities and this time we stumbled on Rione San Paolo, which celebrates on of the districts that enter the Paliocelebration. Besides, Palio of Ferrara is the oldest Palio in the world; this tradition lasts for more than 753 years.
If you walk some fifty steps from the castle, you will find a very, very, very good place for Gelato almost right in front of the Catedrale di Ferrara. What a beauty! And if you look close enough you can notice that every column of the façade is different!
Undiscovered Padova. There is not much to say as I guess the title says it all. Though we made a daily trip to Padova, it is still the city I had not had a chance to discover. And all this is due to some good Italian lunch and rainy weather. Besides the Duomo, which is beautiful (of course) we did not see much… Pity.
And this is how the weekend passed by too quickly again.
A dopo!

P.S. Why it is always that when I go to the city with river, lake or some kind of water concentration it always rains???….

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