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Mascarpone cake with berries

Though I am a huge candy person, baking a proper cake was something big. First of all, I have never in my life baked one and, what is more, the long process scared the hell out of me. But. The time has come for me to except the challenge and bake a cake. Thank God, I was not alone on this task. My dear friend V. helped me to find a nice cacao cake with mascarpone recipe on Neringos blogas and the work started.

For the Biscuits (sponge- cake):

  • ·         190g of butter;
  • ·         320g sugar;
  • ·         4 eggs;
  • ·         260ml warm milk;
  • ·         4 tbsp of coffee;
  • ·         300g of flour;
  • ·         60g of cacao;
  • ·         1.5 tbsp of baking powder;
  • ·         A bit of salt.

For watering the sponge- cake:

  • ·         250ml of warm water;
  • ·         1tbsp sugar;
  • ·         ½ lemon juice.

For the spread:

  • ·         600ml of cream;
  • ·         250g of mascarpone cheese;
  • ·         ½ of lemon juice and a bit of lemon skin;
  • ·         8 tbsp of icing sugar (we needed around 12 though);
  • ·         2 packs of berries (we used raspberries and blackberries).

The making:
I thought that the baking process will be hard, but actually it is easy, just takes a bit more time. So, ok, let`s start. Firstly, mix flour, baking powder, cacao and a bit of salt in a bowl. Then, sift the mixture 3-4 times. In a separate bowl, mix butter and sugar till the butter becomes a lighter colour and consistency. While whisking this mixture add one by one the eggs. Now, in another bowl mix milk and cacao. When we have done this, add 1/3 of flour mix to the butter and egg mass, then add some milk and mix it well. Now, keep adding bit by bit the flour and the milk and mix the mass well. When finished doing it, pour the mass into 3 greased and floured round cake pans and bake in a 170C temperature for ~15min.
While the sponge cakes are cooling, prepare the spread. Whisk cream and sugar together well and then add mascarpone cheese. Mix a bit more, for a thicker consistency. Now, add lemon juice and some peeled lemon skin. When the sponge cakes are cool, make watering for them, that is, mix water, sugar and lemon juice together. Now, on a serving plate put one sponge cake, water it well with the mixture, spread some mascarpone mixture over and add some berries. Repeat this till this will all the sponge cakes and when you put the last one, do not forget to spread mascarpone mixture over the whole cake and add some decorations. Leave the cake in a fridge for the night and enjoy it the next day!

By the way, besides the sneaky dog that ate a bit of the cake biscuit, the cake itself was a success!

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