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Weekend and Milano

When eyes got used to seeing Gothic churches, medieval castles and baroque facades in a daily life, everything else seen while traveling looks  less and less marvelous and becomes just ‘’beautiful’’. Besides the fact that I live in such a wonderful country, the more I try to get myself familiar with it, the more cities I see, less impressed I am. Cities become similar to one another, churches, castles and streets- it seems that I have seen it somewhere already.  What is more, it is getting harder and harder to write new impressions as they are not as strong as they were in the begging.  Now I am searching for something that will take my breathe away. So please, excuse me, if my blog posts are not as interesting as they were. If they ever were. 🙂
* * *
Weekends are interesting when you sleep only three hours a night and the next day you muck around grumbling that there is nothing good here and that you want to sleep, when you cannot find a place where to eat gelato or you here the strangest comments about you and your friends. It gets even more interesting when a candy machine takes your 10 euros and does not give the change back until you buy seven packs of random sweets or when you stumble across another food fair and a festival. Weekends are most interesting when you get to know a different side of Bologna, which you fell in love with.

When my dear friend V. came to Bologna on Friday we had a plan to go out in the evening, but we did not expect the evening to end at 4 in the morning. It just happened like this because we managed to find a beautiful Piazza San Francesco crowded with people with guitars, drums and wine and we could not help ourselves and join them for Le botellón on a warm piazza ground and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. I guess I found a new favorite place in the city.
As you can imagine getting home at 4 am in the morning and having to get up after only 3 hours of sleep does not make you feel very rested and energetic (ok, we did ‘’sleep’’ for several hour on the train). That’s why me and my friend were grumbling and loping around Milano not with the friendliest expressions on our faces.

But besides the restless night me and V. still managed to see quite a bit of Milanoand not to fell in love with it.
Milano is the second largest city in Italy, it is the capital of the Lombardy region, it is a metropolitan, a capital of fashion, it is a city where Leonardo Da Vinci`s ‘’ Last supper’’ is guarded and it is a place where Castello Sforzescois.
Here you can shop in the oldest shopping mall in the world- Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II or where you can admire Arco della Pace (the Peace Ark. Not that there is any peace in the world). 

The city has some beautiful parks: Parco Sempione and  Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli;

As in most metropolitan`s you can find its own China town and I guess the name ‘’La scala’’ talks for itself.
And I almost forgot to mention Cathedral of Milan- which is the biggest cathedral in Italy (barely made it to a one photo). 

There is quite a bit to do in the city, but nothing really made me to want to just stop and marvel at something. It is a beautiful city and that is it.

A presto!

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