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Distractions, distractions, distractions

 Hey there!

Well, it has been a while. And when this “a while” lasts for a year it is really hard to start writing again. Even if you think about coming back. You know, time passes, things happen…And so the gap between keeping up with my blog and living appears.  But. But I decided to come back and write, and share part of my life with you (or what I like and not so much). Just because I enjoy it. And that`s what matters. Isn`t it?

So… Where shall we start. First of all, i was just laying on the bed, in the middle of the working week, doing absolutely nothing (maybe just surviving the heat) when a thought about coming back to writing a blog came. 

With my eyes following a corner of  a curtain moved by the fan air and waiting for  at least some slight breeze of fresh air from outside i started thinking about writing again.. Of course, thinking is not enough, a loud discussion is always helpful.  I was lucky R. was existing by my side. I can always tell him my random thoughts and ideas. The fear I had that I will put too much personal details in my blog or that i wouldn`t be able to manage to write both, the blog in Lithuanian and in English, vanished.  I can figure things along the way. After all, doing something that makes you happy is the right thing to do.

Okay, now let`s see what I should tell you about since the last time i posted here..I have to mention  that many things have happened and it`s not very likely that I, in any case, will be able to remember them all, but let`s just start with the basics. After a wonderful and magical summer traveling around Italy I came back home to Lithuania for a short visit to my family and in the mid September I changed my address again. 

This year it`s a small island in the Mediterranean sea- Malta. I was lucky enough to get my acceptance letter to the University of Malta just in time for the academic year to start and, after a year of personal growth I was more than eager to come back and become a professional.

However, my ties neither with Italy, nor with Lithuania (or any other country) haven`t  dissolved. Actually, the last months of 2013 and the year of 2014 happened to surprise me with quite a few possibilities to come back to the places I love and see some new ones. I cannot remember of a time in my life when I few so much! And I enjoy flying, or moving from place to place in general. I strive for that slight tickle in the belly before going somewhere and landing in the place I`ve never seen before. And I enjoy the strange streets, unknown languages and signs I don`t understand. And vehicles on the wrong side of the road.  

But, there is one thing what I love especially, maps. There is so much beauty in every different city, town or village map! The small, the big, the messy…A map tells so much! The planing of the streets and avenues, the quarters, the rivers, the seas, the lakes.. Everything fits there and you can never get lost:) But for me, especially, maps are a perfect place to mark the most memorable spots, the little tratoria`s I find in a small towns, the best gelato places or the most beautiful panoramic views… And then this map becomes such a personal and precious souvenir and it stays with me. Someday, someday I will have had traveled enough and my house will have a wall of our experiences.

Oh, I think you have already noticed that I have been distracted a bit too much with maps again, but that`s what happens when one has passion. As you can notice, my life as for now, evolves around and in this small island country called Malta.  And there is so much to tell what life here is like and what places I`ve visited so far but as for now, let`s keep in touch! 

                                                                                                                            Love, A.

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