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Introducing Malta

Hey there!
For those who are not so good in geography, Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. And for those who don`t follow my blog, I happened to have moved here almost a year ago now. And since I`m already accustomed to the Maltese lifestyle, their traditions and the island lifestyle, I thought I`ll introduce you to one of the smallest nations in Europe.
I`ve been lucky enough to arrive here in September 2013 and I got more than enough time understands the basics of living the “Mediterranean” lifestyle. So, here are some!
1. The  buses. It can take up to 2hours to drive an ~40km distance in Malta by bus. Reaching a place from one side of the island to another can sometimes be a challenge. So, a good bit of patience is required. Local boats are fast though. So if the weather is good, take a ride! 🙂
2. It is very hard to describe Maltese traditions. The small island through centuries has been occupied by Arabs, Italians, British and French, and definitely all the occupiers left a great deal of their influence in the country.
3. The country is bilingual. Maltese and English are two official languages. Besides, the majority of locals also are almost fluent in Italian. Both Italian and British cultures left the deepest footmarks in the country.
4. 98% of the nation are Catholics. The number of churches in Malta is more than 360 or one church for every 1,000 resident. Churches are the geographical focal point of every Maltese town and brings a good deal of pride to the locals.



5. Maltese love to celebrate. Especially interesting are the local town festas which mark the day of the saint of each town. Religious processions, fireworks (or should I specify, petards), marching bands are to look for.
6. There is one word everyone who have been in Malta have to know. And that is- Pastizzi. It`s a typical Maltese snack and, in my opinion, one the most traditional and local dishes (besides ftira) one can find on the island which really represents Malta (well, maybe also fenkata (stewed or fried rabbit). But it`s all a matter of taste).



7.Everything is built using limestone. Lots and lots of limestone. White and yellowish tones are definitely the country`s signature look.
8. Valletta is probably the most preserved city in the islands. It is as well, one of the most beautiful ones. Definitely not to miss!
9. Valletta has the best panorama of the ‘Three cities”.
10. The “true” local lifestyle can be seen in the smaller Gozo island.



11. The nature. Malta is most beautiful in early spring, when it`s still not too hot and everything is green.


12. It rains here too!
13. And lastly, Maltese have a saying ” You get what you pay for” which usually turns out to be true.
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