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Things you don`t know about bruschetta

I recently had a chance to make some of my favorite appetizers for the hot summer evenings and of course you know what I`m talking about, le bruschette! of course, you very well known I`m not as good a cook as an average Italian, but still, I like to experiment, and because I have an opportunity to learn from a local Italian (which is absolutely incredible) I thought I`ll share with you some thoughts of this delicious snack.
The famous Italian antipasto, la bruschetta is definitely one of those appetizers all around the world. Literally, everywhere you go these days, in one restaurant or another you will find it one the menu, with different toppings and very differently made.  There are some misconceptions that I`ve known and noticed, however, about the famous bruschetta and how it should be “properly” made.
Of course, I did a bit of research on the bruchette and got to know that the appetizer most probably originated in ancient Rome, when olive growers would bring their olives to the local olive press and would toast a slice of bread to sample their fresh- pressed oil. Even more,the word itself comes from a Roman dialect and means “toasted” “grilled”.
As many of Italian meals, le bruschette is part of the  Italian so-called “poor kitchen”. La bruschetta was made as a way of salvaging bread that was going stale. Therefore, there are as many different toppings for it as many as there are regions in Italy. And there are quite a few. 
One more interesting thing I got to know yesterday was the fact that, as so many think in my home country, you don`t need to use ONLY ciabatta bread for making bruschette. Any kind of Italian bread will suit. The thing is, le bruschette have been an Italian pastime for a very long time, only the names in different regions were different. Therefore, every region uses their local bread, may it be ciabatta, pane sardo, focaccia, filone di renella, friselle, ciambella or one of the many others…
Lastly, one has not to forget the original recipe of the bruschetta involving garlic and olive oil. These two steps are of the most importance as they give this absolutely incredible taste to the bread. Therefore,  when you toast the bread God forbid to forget to rub some garlic and spread some olive oil on it!
Okay, so now that you and me know a bit about the famous appetizer, I`ll share with you a few a few of my favorite recipes we made in the last days. I really hope you`ll enjoy it as much as I did!:)
Bruschette con pomodoro e melanzane grigliatte

  • Some slices of Italian bread;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • ~100 g of cherry tomatoes (o any other you like);
  • 1 aubergine/eggplant;
  • Acetto balsamico.

How to:

1. Slice the eggplant into discs (or cubes) and lay them on a baking sheet. Drizzle the eggplant with olive oil  and sprinkle the slices with  some sea salt (kosher salt). Bake them in a 200 degree Celsius oven for ~ 15/20 minutes till they become soft and nice light brown color.

2.  Cut the tomatoes in quarters and put them in a preheated pan with a bit of olive oil. Let them cook till they become soft and there barely any juice left.  Takes about ~10minutes. At the end, put in the chopped garlic clove and let it cook for a  minute with the tomatoes.

3. In the oven toast the bread. When it`s nice and crispy take it out,  gently rub some garlic on it, sprinkle with olive oil (both of these steps are very, VERY important) and then put your tomatoes and roasted eggplants on the bread. To finish, drizzle some acetto balsamico over the bruschette.

Bruschette con salmone, avocado and cream cheese

I probably have to say first, that this is a very NOT Italian recipe and some of them might send me to hell for using such ingredients for bruschetta, but me and mine have a slight obsession with avocado so we decided to  experiment and the experiment turned out to be more than successful!


  •  Some slices of Italian bread;
  •  Smoked salmon;
  •  Cream cheese (Philadelphia);
  •  1 avocado;
  •  a clove of garlic;
  •  some olive oil.

How to: 

1. Slice the avocado in half and then chop them into small pieces.Or just crush it with a fork in a bowl.

2. As in the first recipe, in the oven toast the bread,  When it`s ready, rub some garlic and sprinkle olive oil over the slices. Spread some cream cheese over the bread, put a slice of salmon and top it off with avocado. Easy as that!

Here you go! Two simple, but incredibly tasty recipes. I will  definitely prepare them over and over again! By the way, I was always curious if you would like me to write to you about something in particular… If yes, let me know!

                                                                                                            Love, A.

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