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Blue Grotto. Malta

Its been a busy week for me. And the busy week doesn`t really seem to end soon. I`m working intensely on finishing my thesis so I can call myself a “real” lawyer…:) Besides, I had a friend visiting so I tried to catch up with her and relax a bit at the same time.. So let me tell what fun I had with her exploring the Maltese islands on her last day here.
Today I will tell you about Taht il-Hnejja or otherwise known as Blue Grotto on the south coast of Malta. Me, mine and a visiting friend J. had a chance on her last day on the island actually do some more sightseeing and we ended up in this gorgeous place. 
I should worn you, that if you ever find yourself on this small island visiting the caves do not forget in the first part of the day since you`ll get a chance to see all colors of the sea due to the reflecting sunlight. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky and ended up in Blue Grotto only in late afternoon but we still manage to see the caves from above as well as take a boat ride. 

So, let me tell you about we did that day. Our small exploration trip started in a small town in the south of Malta from where on we walked all the way to Blue Grotto. We were lucky enough to have not too hot of the weather so a 3km walk was very pleasant and in the meantime we all had a chance to observe the countryside of the country.
Which as you can see are all rocks and bits and bobs of green.  Still, it always fascinates me a bit that the locals here are able to grow something on such ground!

On our way there we decided to take not the nice path just around the coastline but instead go on the edge of the valley so we could see what`s down there..

 I wish I could tell some fascinating story about Blue Grotto but the truth is that it is  one of the many natural wonder of the islands. The place got its name around late 1950s when local fishermen started offering boat trips for Englishmen to see the bluest see they could ever see. Even though we didn`t manage to reach the place early enough to see the bluest see ever, still the color of the sea and of the rocks, and those bits and bobs of green made the place more than nice…


 After exploring Blue Grotto from above we took a path down to the fishermen`s village for a local boat trip ride. And Maltese boats are something to marvel at. All these bright colors make them very different from what I`ve ever seen…

 And now I understood that I`ve got no picture to show you how those boats look like…:)  
Oh well, I promise to show them next time! But for now, let`s keep in touch!
                                                                                                      Peace and love, A.

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