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Verona without Romeo and Juliet

 Ciao a tutti!

A comfortable pair of shoes is as important companion while traveling as a person you are traveling with. When your feet feel sturdy on the rocky path, when you have no blisters after a  10 km walk, nothing can ruin my weekend

It happened so that last late spring (or was it early.. I don`t remember anymore:)) I had a chance to spend a weekend in Verona with my lovely friend V.  Since living in Italy, it has been our tradition so to say, every weekend to go and explore different parts of the lovely country we lived in and, which made us feel like home.

As always, every time I visit a place there I get so excited and amazed that I`ve got no words..

However, I should tell you first that Verona for me isn`t charming only because of the famous Romeo and Juliet who lived here, but more because of its architecture and way of life. The thing is,  I really felt for Romeo, who`s house s barely ever visited by the tourists as they tend to visit the famous Juliet`s balcony mostly.. In my opinion, the house were Romeo was supposed to live/lived (no one is sure about any of it) is much more charming and architecturally interesting for the eye.
Even more, Verona has its own, old and very well preserved amphitheater which is still used today for concerts and various events. It looks absolutely magnificent in the evening as much as during the day!

As most of northern Italian towns, Verona is situated in a valley between the green hills which you can take a walk at and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the town.
One thing I can suggest, while in Verona, try Gelateria Ponte Pietra just next to Ponte Pietro  over the river Adige that leads you to the old town.  This Gelateria is on of the best in town and you should definitely try the impeccable gelato it makes, with flavors like bacio bianco (white chocolate and hazelnut), candied orange with cinnamon, and mille fiori (cream with honey and bits of pollen gathered from local hillsides).

Looks yummy, don`t they?:)) After the walk through the hills and a treat of the amazing gelato we decided to come back to the old town and explore it a bit more. Besides the amphitheater and the Roman wall surrounding the town, Verona also has quite a bit of typical medieval architecture.. And of course, like so many Italian towns and cities, a lot of piazza`s and churces…:)

Walking, as much as I love it, tends do drain me out and a good, relaxing evening is needed. And to relax in Verona is very easy. There are so many cozy pubs and bars to go to or, is the weather is nice you can just stay outside and admire all the streets performances.. And there are so many of them!

After getting a good night sleep at our Couchsurfing ( one of the loveliest experiences ever!) hosts, the next day me and my friend spent cycling around the town, having fun and enjoying the town!

A monument to Shakespeare 

Rooftops of Verona before spring rain…

And of course Juliet`s balcony.. 
The many messaged left to Juliet..

 And one of the things that everyone has to do while visiting Juliet`s home, is to write a letter and put it into this post box. I was skeptical about getting a reply but believe me how nicely surprised I was once almost 6 months later when I received a reply!

Verona leaves you enchanted even if you are not the one for hundreds of tourists. It is a town that is simply irresistible and which requires to be visited once in a life time!
                                                                                                          A presto!
                                                                                                          Love, A.

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