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8 reasons to live by the sea

I finally have time to sit back and reflect on the September which passed with such a storm that I cannot really yet comprehend it`s almost the middle of October. My life recently has been going on such a pace that I sometimes even consider how did I manage to get through it. But let`s start from the beginning.
I had a deadline to submit my master`s thesis by mid-September which due to various reasons, and most importantly, my supervisor being on holiday at the time I most needed her, had to be rescheduled! But, everything sorted out more or less the way I wanted it and I managed to deliver it on time. Still, being under a lot of stress had it`s impact on me as I got so exhausted!… To add to that, I started my new job  and moved to a new apartment (! Yay!) which takes most of my time therefore all I did for most of time in September, when I actually had free time was sleep.
At the moment, I finally feel like I`m back in my own skin so, in order to celebrate this, I thought I`ll tell you about the few thoughts I had on why I enjoy living next to the sea so much. In fact, today on my way home I realized that if anyone has a possibility, they should  live by the sea at least for a bt once in their lifetime.
So, here they are. 8 reasons to live by the sea:
1. Open spaces. I love open, wide spaces. I love horizons and not being able to see the end of the world. It gives me a feeling that there is still so much in life to discover. It`s a kind of liberating feeling.
And, even though  Malta is such a small country to live in and, even though sometimes it makes you feel like you are out in a small sand box called Malta, once I reach the sea, this feeling disappears. It`s an amazing sensation to feel cozy and comfortable in the narrow streets and then just take a short walk and feel all the endless sea..


2. Light and sun. I will probably be the hundred person to say that sun and, light in general, makes people happier. It is a well known and established fact. Although, I have to admit that sometimes I still miss rainy and colder weather, however since I moved here, I felt more happy and, more importantly, more active!
3. The sea. It is wonderful to be able to wake up in the morning, run to the beach and take a relaxing swim in the early morning. It is especially nice to do that in October, when the weather here in Malta is still warm enough for me to swim.Even more, it is such a pleasure to take an afternoon walk in Dingli Cliffs or just walk back home after work and enjoy the light sea breeze.
4. The thunder, lightnings and stormy weathers. Call me strange or whatever, but I really like stormy weathers. Especially here, next to the sea, you can see how the storm comes, the different shape and color of clouds. It`s fascinating. And the lightnings!… I love to watch them. The light they bring through the pouring rain and the  thunder that comes after… I admit, it scary but also very beautiful what power the nature has.
5. The seafood. I couldn`t leave this one out. I am a huge admirer of fish and anything seafood. And, living in a small island country gives it`s advantages: there is plenty of fresh fish and seafood to try! Especially, on Sundays you can go to a local fish market in a small fishing village Marsaxlokk and buy some fresh local fish or sit in one of the many small restaurant on the promenade and enjoy a nice Sunday lunch.
6. A different culture. One of the amazing things you get to do while living abroad is experiencing a new culture and a very different way of lifestyle. One thing I understood from my living abroad experiences that every type of living has it`s plus and minuses and it`s up to you to learn from them. For example, I now cannot imagine my cuisine without aubergines or having biscuits for breakfast.
7. The time of your life. I am a true believer that all the best things happen once you step out of your comfort zone. Traveling and living abroad is one of those things. You are stepping out of the well known environment, you`re putting yourself out there in the world so you could actually feel what it is like to live in this world. And even if sometimes it looks hard to leave the familiar, remember, the unknown always brings something beautiful and unexpected!


8. The beauty of learning languages. I realized from my very own experience that there is no better way to learn a new language but as to fully immerse yourself in it. It`s the fastest way not only to understand how the language is used in a day to day life but also how is it used. Besides, being fluent in more than one language can do wonders for your personal and professional life. Ah, and while exploring a new city it`s also quite fun to walk down the streets and try to figure out what the signs say!

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