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Places worth visitng: Lago di Como

 Ciao a tutti!
There are so many beautiful places around the world worth visiting and exploring and I want you to know about as much of them as possible. Lago di Como in the north of Italy is one of those places. 
It is not a secret that I have a slight obsession with Italy as I have spent a few months there and it stole my heart. However, this is not the reason why Lago  di Como is worth visiting. 
I grew up in a country with quite a few beautiful lakes, green, endless forests and fields. However, hills and mountains are not common from where I am from. And I think that`s why Lago di Como stole my heart… 🙂 
I had a chance to visit this place for almost a week and go hiking or for long walks  in the end of June together with my lovely friend V.  who`s as much as I have a passion for Italy. I know it has been a few months after the trip, however I took my time to have my thought in line and I thought I`ll suggest you a few things to do there if you ever end up near Lago di Como!

1.  Como. If you want to reach Lago di Como most probably you`ll end up taking a short hour long train to a town on the lake called Como. This city will be the place where you`ll first get to see and feel the lake. In my opinion, visiting Como is one of the must do things while exploring the lake: first and for most, the town will give you a very different understanding of Italian towns, as, due to it`s  close location to Switzerland, it has a certain Swiss mountain town charm. Life here seems calm and relaxed, people much more sophisticated and quite environmentally friendly when compared to other Italian towns. Besides, the town is in a beautiful location, on the shore of the lake, surrounded by green, steep hills and endless mountain chains..And the area feel so much fresher! Not to mention the  architecture of the city which is something worth admiring while getting lost in countless of narrow streets.

2. Hiking.  This probably has been the most exciting thing that I most looked for! I have ben missing the woods, forests and hills for quite a bit since in Malta You cannot really find anything close to it.. And, around Lago di Como there plenty of hiking trails and walks to do for the outdoors type of person! I especially enjoyed the short hiking walk to Brunate town which is located 750m above the sea level on the top of the steep hill. Of course, if you`re not such an enthusiast of walking, you can always take a  funicular to Brunate..:)

3.Bellagio, Varenna, Menaggio. These three little lake side villages are a dream place and a must place to visit for romantics or..lovers.  In fact, they are stunningly beautiful those little towns al around the lake! They all have a ton of cozy cafes or restaurants to dine at and, they all are connected by a short ferry trip! Which brings me to..

4. Ferries.  People that know me quite well, know as well that I have a thing for ferries. I adore them. I want to live somewhere where I can take a ferry every day..Ferries, ferries, ferries. My slight obsession about ferries is probably due to the fact, that i love the sea so much and anything at least slightly related to it. As you can guess by now, in Lago di Como, the main  public transportation system are ferries! I was about to pack and move to Como when I saw it!

This place is lovely and it calls back to come back. It is one of these places which aren`t yet too crowded with tourists and has kept its authenticity. Lago di Como is definitely the place that should be on your bucket list!

                                                                                                 Talk to you soon!
                                                                                                  Love, A.

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