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Letter to autumn

Dear autumn,

The weather is changing. The soft breeze has been succeeded by strong gusts of wind bringing with it a change in the skies. The clear, blue skies are becoming grayish, bearing with them  rain showers and stormy weathers.  I like you, autumn.You come with the rain and wind and you change everything around here… The rain washes dusts of the summer, it brings out back the life into the nature all around. The grass has become green again, the bushes, the trees and the valleys are coming back to life with flowers and colors.  The winds brings fresh, colder weathers that we all have been waiting for after this excruciating  hot summer. And you bring peace. the tourist are leaving and the streets become empty enough to have a pleasant walk again.

You also brings colds and flue to which I`m not very resistant. But at the same time you bring the time of teas, apple pies and candles, it`s the sweater weather.

Here in Malta, you, autumn bring life and a new start.  So let`s explore and enjoy the rough colors of the sea, the warm hugs and cuddles under the blanket and let`s watch the rain.

                                                                                                            Till soon,

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