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Edition 2:Marsaskala- St. Peter`s Pool

I love nothing more than a good walk or a hike on a sunny Saturday. It is one of the most relaxing things to do! Especially, when you have a chance to explore the local nature and new places!

Me and R. did not really plan the whole hike, I jut checked on the map several points of interest that we wanted to see and we went for it. 

Distance: ~11 km;
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Transportation:  by bus from Valletta to Marsaskala ( check connections as there`s not one bus that runs there) or by car;

Things to see:

St.Thomas Bastion. We started our walk on the promenade in a town of Marsaskala, the south of Malta. Went along the seaside  till we reached St. Thomas Tower. Recently restored and now in a brilliant condition it really shows how fortified Malta once was.

St. Thomas Bay. Head along the coastline to St. Thomas Bay, a quite and relaxed bay very popular with locals on holidays and windsurfers  when the weather allows.

Hofra z-Zghira and Xrob l-Ghagin bays. Once you reach the end of St. Thomas bay just keep going up the small road till you reach the edge of the cliffs with endless sea view on one side and the fields of the island on another. There are many, many small, hidden caves and bays on the way to St. Peter`s pool and the nature is very picturesque it`s just amazing: Hofra z-Zghira and Xrob l-Ghagin bays are worth seeing!

St. Peter`s pool. Our last stop before heading back to Marsascala was, of course, St. Peter`s pool.  It is not as easy to reach as you may think therefore use GPS if you need. St Peter`s pool is located in a little bay on the Delimara peninsula and is surrounded by white cliffs and a rocky beach.

It is a relatively easy path to follow, however keep in mind that if you want to reach some more closed bays you might to do some climbing so have comfortable shoes and clothing. And water. Water is important!


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