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6 Things that happen in Malta

I like observing the local lifestyle here. It is truly fascinating, a bit weird and sometimes a bit terrifying but it`s another story.. Things that happen here in Malta, are very interesting sometimes. Very different from where I am from in both the good and the bad way. 
Through all my travels I`ve never  experienced anything similar neither in the daily life of people nor while celebrating. Strange things happen in Malta and I want to tell you about them.
1. We all know the saying that “rules are made to be broken”and from what I`ve noticed, Maltese are sworn to this rule. They live by it. Take a look at driving. Traffic jams in Malta occur not because there are much traffic ( well, for such a small country there is a lot of traffic) but mainly by drivers creating accidents while hurrying who knows where… And we live on a 316 km² rock, there is nowhere really where to hurry so much.. 🙂


2. From “petards” to giant dioramas. If you been in Malta during spring/summer season you most probably have noticed how much they like to celebrate. There village festas, boat parties, art festivals, music festival almost every weekend. One of the most fascinating things I noticed once moved here was that during festas, they use “petards” which are sort of  crazy loud fireworks, used during the day. When i say crazy loud, I mean it. I have never heard anything similar. For a new-bee like me it seemed like there`s a military operation going nearby.  


3. Giant Dioromas and other religious traditions. For those who don`t know, a diorama or in Maltese Presepju is, let me explain you shortly.  It is a local religious tradition which involves creating massive dioramas with nativity scenes. I should also add that there is another religious tradition of  staging biblical re-enactments on Good Friday. These are captivating, sombre and elaborate pageants  which feature life size statues and biblical characters… This sums it all up.

4.  Things work when it`s suitable for someone or… Change is a state of mind here. Don`t get me wrong, I like change when it`s for the good or when it brings a new perspective. But one thing I don`t like is change that brings you nowhere. Laws and rules In Malta, especially for foreigners who need to apply for ID cards, social security numbers, EHICs, bank accounts etc. etc. etc., change so often it is hard to keep track of them.  One thing you need to do is- to have a LOT of patients while dealing all public offices…The rules change and nobody informs the public. This can bring you to total frustration at some point.

5. There is sea everywhere around you. It is not really a thing that happens but it`s mroe the realization that you just put yourself on a tiny piece of land surrounded by the endless sea. It might sound obvious to you, but the firsts days when i came here i had difficulty orientating myself around. First and for most, all the lime stone houses looked way to similar for my eye and secondly, everywhere I would go I would end up next to the sea.. at some point at least. And this fact, that this small rock is surrounded by the sea helped me to understand where the land ends. 

6. There is always an elderly man with a pug in every neighborhood in Malta. I have changed houses here and in every singe neighborhood i lived in I always met a lovely elderly man with pug. And I keep noticing them everywhere i go. I have a theory that every town has one. An elderly with a pug.


Many things happen in Malta. Random things. Those that make your day as well as things that can ruin it up for you. The fact is though, there is nothing similar to Malta anywhere and yet, sometimes Malta tries to become more similar to the rest  of the world. And that`s when the interesting things start to happen..

                                                                                              Till next time,



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