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Habits I picked up while living in Italy

Being exposed to a different culture has its token on me. Like every traveler I did not only want to get to know the country and the lifestyle but also feel a part of it. After the lovely time I spent living in Italy I couldn`t but notice that while there, I`ve picked up some very random habits such as…

  •  Eating fruit after each meal. My host family had this thing, when after each meal they would eat a fruit. Be it a Clementine, a peach or any other. It seems that there can be no satisfaction with a meal until Italian`s had some fruit. Very random. I think I`ve eaten more than 326 mandarini while in Italy;
Fruit stands Sardegna, Italy
  • Cleaning my plate with bread. This is probably one of my favorite things to do, especially after some good spaghetti alle cozze or any other seafood goodness. I cannot stop myself from picking up a piece of bread and propel it into the sauce until the piece of bread letting it fill in the juice from the sauce. Yummy!
Seafood meal
  • Drinking espresso on the go or as a digestive.  Yes, that`s how it`s done. You just order an espresso, drink it in a gulp and move on with your day. Or, have it just after lunch as it is believed it helps to digest food quicker;

  • Using “boh” for every single situationThese three letters mean “I don`t know” and i cannot stop using the expression even when i`m talking in English. The word ” boh” is the only word you need to know and it will help you all around. “Boh’ this, “boh” that…Besides, Italians just love hearing you using this phrase instead of “non lo so”!

    What about you guys? Any random habits you picked up while living abroad? Let me know, I`m interested to know!

                                                                                                                    See you,

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