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3 Common Misconceptions about Malta

Ever noticed how after spending some time in a country you suddenly realize that not all things you read, heard or thought about before coming here are  actually true? I`ve never thought  about it before, however the other night me and R. were having a conversation and I started thinking that I had a few misconceptions about Malta. Thought I`ll share them with you.

1. Everyone speaks English. Even though Malta is a bilingual country, not everybody speaks English and vice versa- not everyone speaks Maltese. I`ve noticed that when in some places that are less exposed to tourists I was not understood because a local wouldn`t understand English. The same happened when I tried to call a locksmith and I heard ” I don`t really understand English”… Even though you won`t have a problem to communicate with people while visiting main touristic sites if you plan to go and explore a bit more the islands I suggest you to learn a few words.

Maltese wines
What stroke me the most  though is, that there is a huge division between English speaking Maltese and of locals speaking Maltese.I`ve met families that wouldn`t teach their children Maltese and families who would only speak Maltese. It seems that there is no middle ground of appreciating both languages.
2. Culture is what drives tourists to Malta. Low cost airlines, sun and the sea is what attracts people here. Culture comes in as a second, if not the third, when it comes to why people come here. And, even though one cannot deny Malta`s cultural heritage, it doesn`t seem to be the reason behind their holidays here. Do not expect many cultural activities if you come to Malta off season as all cultural activities spring up only when the temperatures go above +20 Celcius.

Views of Malta

3.  Littering is still a problem. Though most European countries are on board with encouraging people to recycle, clean after themselves and respect the nature. Unfortunately in Malta, you can still see some of the coastlines littered awfully… Or dog not taking responsibility cleaning after their so beloved pets.

Have you noticed any of these things? Wherever you live.. Did you come across any misconceptions of your own? I would like to know them!


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