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Packing tips for newbies

Traveling light is important. I think everyone would agree that there is nothing more tiring and frustrating that carrying around a huge luggage. I know I really hate it. However, during years of traveling and countless times of bringing half of my house with me I`ve learnt a few tricks and tricks. 

I`m proud to say that today, I feel like I became practical enough to know how to pack and travel light. A few years ago I traveled through Italy with a backpack that couldn`t fit in 10kg of stuff ( that`s how small it was!); I went on a Eurotrip for a month on a backpack etc.etc.etc. but, I had everything I need. 

Since  I have a trip coming up soon, I thought I`ll share some tips and tricks I`ve learnt during my time on the road!

  •  Think about the place you are going. And I don`t only mean checking top places to visit, best restaurants, off route attractions..  What I mean is that before you start packing  you should thing about several things: 
  1. The country you are traveling to. Ask yourself if the place is a highly religious country- if so, don`t bring your night out dresses when you go to Vatican or  bring  modest, covering clothes and a few scarfs when traveling through Muslim countries. 
  2. The climate- if you go somewhere hot and you are planning to move a lot make sure you use breathable fibers and t-shirts that cover your shoulders. Being exposed to the sun all day long can burn your shoulders so badly that carying a backpack the next day is going to be impossible. The same goes if you are traveling to a colder climate- don`t just throw in all your thickest sweaters, instead, pack layers and woolen fabrics this way your body temperature will be regulated at all times.
  3. Think what are you going to do in the place so you can plan your outfits. Again, if you`re going into the wilderness or on an adventure trip- packs comfortable clothes and things that you can easily mix and match.
  •  Plan your outfits. Use your space wisely and think which clothes you can mix and match so you can create different outfits. 
INSIDER TIP: always bring a dress  and a pair of nicer shoes. You never know what you might end up doing . Unless you are spending the next few weeks in taiga, then you can skip this:)

  • Pack the important. Don`t waist your time in packing clothes and other goodies that you don`t need. Only pack the important things such as chargers, adapters, walking shoes, a camera, passport, money, credit cards, insurance etc,etc. Remember, if you are traveling to a civilized country- you can always buy travel-sized  toothpaste/shampoo and what not when you are there. This way you`ll safe space in your bag and won`t need to carry extra weight.

  • Use packing organizers. In order to keep you clothes clean and separated, use different bags to pack them. I don`t mean using those compression bags  to put your belongings in as they are uncomfortable to use when you need  your things at this very moment. What I suggest, use a few different bags to put in your t-shirts, underwear, trousers/skirts/dresses and toiletries. This way everything will be organized;
  • Always leave some space in your luggage or backpack. And I really mean always. There will be places where you will want to buy a souvenir or two and  not having enough space to bring them with you can drive one crazy; 
  •  Roll your clothes. Depending on your bags type- luggage, backpack or otherwise you`ll most probably need to role your clothes to safe spaces. What is more, rolling clothes keeps them from wrinkling more. 
INSIDER TIP: Use your shoes as “packing cubes”. You can out in your socks, chargers and all other smaller items that you don`t know where to put in.
  • Use rubber bands. These will helot you with all your hair dryers and straighteners and what not we girls need to bring with. Just bundle all your cords using rubber bands into tidy packages and they will be easier to transport. Besides, you`ll have rubber bands on hand when you need them.
  • Check if you have the important. Before leaving the house, check if you have your most important thing with you: passport/ ID card ( I travel with both), drivers license, your plane/train tickets, money, credit cards, insurance and a fully charges phone. This way, you`ll be sure you have the important with you!;
  • Lastly, do not stress out. Really. Even if you didn`t take a thing or two, don`t stress out, you would be surprised how helpful locals or fellow travelers are and you`ll find a solution!

I  know these are just a few tips but hopefully they`ll help you when you go on the road. I know they help me! Let me know you packing tips!


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