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Secrets of Sardegna: Cala Gonone

When I think of turquoise blue waters and beautiful white, sandy beaches I imagine Bali or Seychelles, some place far away from here… And like I most of the time I am astonished from how many beautiful and still undiscovered places there are here, in my ‘neighborhood’.

Sardegna is one of those places that keep fascinating me and is still so much undiscovered by the rest of the world, which is in itself a huge plus, and it gives me an absolute pleasure to tell you about the new gem I`ve found. 

During my last trip I found this place- Cala Gonone, a village situated on the east of the island some 100 km from Olbia. The village itself is a very small summer town from which you can reach one of the most beautiful and unpopulated beaches in the Bay of Orosei. Everyone, from beachcombers to climbers and divers, travel here to enjoy the magnificent views: deep-emerald green trails leading to brilliant-blue sea  and the pearl-while beaches surrounded by a crown of limestone peaks… 

The village is a starting destination point for anyone interested in seeing the show case of Bue Marino and visiting the beautiful beaches like…Cala Luna, Cala Goloritzé,Cala Mariolu or Cala Sisine and enjoy the brilliant sea!

All the beaches I`ve mentioned can be reached by nothing else but a speedboat.  And let me explain why by a speedboat…Like this one!

Most beaches near Cala gonone are inaccessible by foot or accessible only by a long and hard hike down and up the steep cliffs. Therefore, the beaches are still somehow wild and free of crowds. Furthermore, going around gorgeous beaches on a speedboat is the most fun and fastest way to reach and enjoy them!

For me, once I visit a place that leaves me speechless of  it`s beauty it takes quite a while to wrap my head around it and be able to express properly why It was so special. Thus, even though my trip to Cala gonone was back in August and it took me some time to decide how to write and what to show about this place. 

Cala gonone is definitely worth visiting and I am pretty sure I will come back there at least once more, not only to enjoy the beautiful beaches but also to do some hiking and diving!



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