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Weekend escape. Athens. Episode two

All rested and fresh after a good night’s sleep, heading out into the heat hazed Athens to discover places didn’t seem to be a huge task. Well, both me and Robi were wrong. Especially because we decided to climb the Acropolis Hill midday.

But before all the historical sites, our day started at possibly one of the best places to have breakfast and taste the traditional Greek yogurt – Stani. Hidden in a quite family-like street, this quaint little shop just shouts out tradition and local. And, of course, after a small chat with the bartender we dug into what was the best Greek yogurt I have tried so far!

After a great breakfast and a quick look around the Omonia square, we headed towards the Parthenon – a true Athenian symbol.

Going around the Archeological site as well as climbing up the hill is not the wisest idea during the burst of the heatwave, but the walk is definitely worth the effort – the view of the temples on the top of the hill and the panorama of Athens from the highest point of the city is just marvelous!

I strongly suggest seeing the Acropolis early in the morning if you are coming during summer months and spend some time around enjoying the flawless Ancient Greek architecture.

Of course, the Parthenon is not the only place to enjoy the wonders of Ancient Greek architecture. Once we were done seeing the Acropolis, we headed to see the Hadrian`s Arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. The two sites are just next to each other, therefore it’s worth going and see both of them and then take a refreshing break at the National Gardens.

After our appetite for visiting archaeological sites was more than satisfied, we wandered around the streets of the oldest neiborghood in Athens – Plaka. Most streets in this district are closed to traffic, which makes it a wonderful area to go shopping, enjoy some ice cream or have a lovely lunch in one of the many taverns in the area.

Our stop in Plaka for lunch was a place called To Kafeneio, a traditional mezedopoleio, meaning a restaurant which serves mainly mezedes, small snacks dishes from various localities all around Greece. The place is famous for its local wine from the barrel, which unfortuntely we did not try (we had some awesome local craft beers), but the food was delicious and I absolutely fell in love with mezes.

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the beautiful views all around the neighbourhood and picking up some souvenirs…

One thing we really miss while living in Malta is having a late night out in the city, enjoying the many cafes and bars, and being able to find a lively nightlife scene. Athens is a perfect place to enjoy a good night out. From the street performaces in Syntagma Square to hidden night clubs in the little streets and fashionable, quirky bars in Monastiraki and Psirri.
In Athens, one can find surprises hidden behind every corner. Our late night walk down the streets of Psirri gave us an unexpected dessert trip to satisfy our sweet tooth with the most amazing typical greek sweets in a lovely patiserrie (with huuuge portions! Greeks really have a sweet tooth!).
Needless to say, we went back to our apartment with a full smile and a fuller belly..
Want to know what happened next? Stay tuned!
P.S. Interested in what happened before? Read all about our first day adventures in Athens here!

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