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Weekend escape. Athens: Episode three

I know it’s hard to keep up with all the stories about Athens, so go and read Part 1 and Part 2 by pressing on the links. Otherwise, enjoy my travel stories from Athens!
The last day of your vacation always feels like it came too fast, and even though I felt exactly like this-I was lucky enough to have another 24 hours to spend in the beautiful city of Athens.  

While most of the days I had plans what to see and what to do, last day in Athens was the day where I had no plans at all, so I allowed myself to walk around the city to discover places and of course do some shopping – and Athens is great for shopping, either if you want to visit millions of little boutiques or you wish to discover the high street brands, you’ll easily find both.

Of course, during the day I managed to taste a few Greek delicacies, starting with a lovely cheese pastry in the morning, some Greek yogurt during the siesta hours and a fulfilling falafel wrap to finish off the day. Food was absolutely delicious, you only need to do some research where to eat – though I highly doubt you can eat badly in Athens! (p.s. I left a short list of places at the bottom for you!)


As everything in Athens is a resemblance and celebration of the city’s rich cultural history, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens together with the Modern Academy of Athens seem to also celebrate the inheritance of Ancient Greece. Probably no education institution I had seen so far really gave me the feeling of a “grand institution”.


The architecture is really something to admire – with all the distinguishing features of the Ancient Greek traditions, appearing in the university and the Academy buildings. Appearing as if being conceived as a sculptural entity within the landscape. Both buildings are magnificent with their highly formalised characteristics, both of structure and decoration, proportional and elegant allowing the light play its role on the buildings’ facade.

After enjoying some more Greek architecture, I spent the last evening hours in Athens just watching life passing by in Syntagma square, enjoying the variety of different lifestyles all coming together to celebrate the end of the day with music, skateboarding and an honest smile..


By the way, I also managed to catch a photo of the change of the guards next to the Hellenic Parliament!

I felt nostalgic when leaving Athens- it’s a great, lively city with a lot to offer for everyone’s taste. I also felt very welcomed and at home there- maybe, after all, I have a tiny little bit of Greek in me..:)

Till next time!
Where to eat:

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