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24 hours in Porto

The home of Port wine, the beaux-arts buildings pilled on one another and the Rio Douro  washing Porto`s shores is what comes to mind when i remember Porto, the second largest city in Portugal.
I only spent there a bit more than 24 hours, which is too short to actually explore the city and I have a feeling that I`ll meet you, Porto, very soon again. But as for now, here`s what I found most charming in Porto. All for your attention!
1. A look to the city from Rio Duoro boat ride. It is amazing how steep the shores of the city are an how high the bridges seemed to be connecting parts of the town! What to tell about the small houses alongside the steep shores.. The beauty of nature and the human design comes along in Porto!
2.  Cellars.Port wine. Good Port wine, very, very good Port wine. I have to confess I`ve never tasted Port wine before, but I must say, after visiting one of the best Port wine cellars around and learning it`s origins and the process of making this stunning drink I couldn`t not fall in love with it!
3.Take a walk around Porto city centre classified by UNESCO as World Heritage. See the City Hall building, the Bolhão marketplace, Santa Catarina (where the traditional shops are) and Praça da Batalha, with the São João National Theatre.
4.  Azulejo or tiles. Porto and other Portuguese cities downtowns have a specific feature that distinguishes them from many other city around the world.. And the feature is tiles. In Porto, the downtown buildings are covered in glazed tiles, all in different colors and patterns,  awakening the curiosity in me why the facades where decorated like that..
5.  Enjoy your time with some good Douro or Port wine and  most definitely taste the alheira, a typical sausage in the north of Portugal…
My stay there was short, way  too short for me, as the atmosphere in the city made me fall in love with it instantly! I found Porto charming and i cannot wait to come back there! Hopefully very soon!



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