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DIY: Spray painting

I remember the first time I saw a spray painter some years ago on the streets of Barcelona it looked like magic to me! I couldn`t understand at first how you can do some of the incredible paintings like they do using just spray paint and some random buckets and plates. 

Since then, I`ve always been curious to try it and of course I did! Knowing my artistic skills ( which, by the way, are basically not existent!) even I managed to try out spray painting and make some paintings!:)
One thing for sure: it is really, really fun thing to do- either for birthdays, parties or just with friends outside!
But first, there are a few things you`ll need before starting:
  • A good ventilated area;
  • cardboard paper;
  • paper plates/ old bowls of different sizes for creating planets;
  • some pieces of old magazine or newspaper paper;
  • of course at least a few cans of can spray;
  • disposable gloves;
  • a respirator (not a dusk mask!) even if you are planning to paint outside;
  • clothes that you are not afraid of getting ruined. Because you will get them ruined, with spray paint.

Basically, the ideal work spaces should look something like this:)

Work in progress

How to:

I am not really an expert on how to spray paint but these are some tips I came across while reading and watching various tutorials:
  • sweep, don`t point. If you wan to cover the whole sheet with paint don`t point it and spray. Instead, use sweeping motion to cover the sheet and you`ll get a better result;
Trying to spray paint
  • when trying to do patterns- be quick, don`t let the spray dry off. Also, don`t leave the paper for too long as when the spray dries- you wont be able to remove the paper nicely;
Final result
  • Most importantly- watch some videos of how people spray paint- this will help you to come with ideas and show some of the techniques.
  • Lastly- enjoy what you do and I`ll hope you`ll come up with something special!



Let me know if you tried spray painting yourself, I would love to see the results!


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