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Edition 1: Golden Bay-Gnejna Bay

Ciao a tutti!

Friday was a good day for me. I felt so inspired besides the fact that I felt like I caught a small cold… Besides, the past week or so I struggled a bit to find topics to talk to you about.. And we all know how sometimes it is incredibly difficult to find things to do or write about. My struggle however is, to find something actually interesting for me to do that would feed my mind and soul. 

So.. Me and R. went for a hike around the coast. And by the end of our hike, once we took a seat for a break, I had an idea! It might be a little too much out of something I can actually achieve but, hey, you never know if you don`t try! 

Okay, basically the idea is, as long as the weather allows, try to walk around the Maltese island as much as possible! Me and R. will try to create some paths for outdoors walks/hiking before hand or use the ones we can find online, try them ourselves and then, report the experience back to you! Which means that it will not only be me who will be reporting, R. is all in on this! We initially have planned to do it once every week, but it might not actually work out because it all depends on the weather conditions and our schedules.However, let`s keep our fingers crossed that we can actually achieve something! 

With no further ado… Here it is!

Edition 1: Golden Bay- Gnejna Bay

We started our little challenge on Friday with a path from Golden Bay to Gnejna Bay. This walk is one of the most popular ones for tourists and locals as the views of the sea and some relatively high cliffs. This path is a very pleasant walk both for couples, friends or families because it is not too difficult and does not take a lot of time. What is more, you get to see three beautiful bays from quite different angles.

Distance: ~5 km;

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆


To Golden Bay:  bus No.44 from Valletta or No. 225 from Sliema Ferries;

From Mgarr: bus No.44 to Valletta or No. 225 to Sliema Feries.

Things to do: 

Golden Bay. It is the most popular beach during the summer months, however, it is much calmer during the low season giving enough space to do beach sports or fly kites. 


Once you leave the Golden Bay and actually start walking along the cliffs, the first stop you should is the Ghajn Tuffieha defense tower. If you are lucky enough the tower might be open for visiting (entrance is free, donations are highly appreciated and they go entirely to The Gaia Foundation) and you might actually be able to climb it up to enjoy the views from above! If you have never been in Malta, one thing you should know, that all around the island you will find these defense towers.. This particular one was built in 1637. It is one of the seven towers built by Grand Master Giovanni Paolo Lascaris, of the Knights Hospitaller.


Ghajn Tuffieha. This is personally my favorite bay on the island as it is always less crowded and it takes a bit more walking to reach from the bus stop. After the tower you will continue alongside the cliffs and you`ll reach the Ghajn Tuffieha beach in no time. In order to reach this beach one needs to descend a hill on a 200 steps staircase. Here you have two options: you can either continue your walk through the beach or take another path and take a path alongside the top of the cliffs. We did both and both paths are extremely beautiful!


Gnejna Bay. After the Ghajn Tuffieha bay you will continue your walk to Gnejna Bay. It will be a more difficult walk as you will need to climb a hill and then continue a rather steep path along the rocks or a more easier way, on the top of the cliff. On the way you`ll see one more defense tower called Ta` lippija. Gnejna Bay is the one neither me nor R. had visited yet and we found it quite a charming place!

On one side of the beach you can see boathouses carved into rocks, on the other, a mixture of rock sand and pebbles. In the horizon you will see the rest of the islands edgy cliffs and even Gozo island (carry a pair of binoculars, and you`ll be able to see the gorgeous Victoria Citadel)!

Gnejna Bay is the place for animal and water sports` lovers at this time of the year. And for those who are too cold to get into the water, you can always admire how a man can suppress the wind.

Mgarr Parish church. The very last stop of your hike will be the Mgarr Parish Church in the small town of Mgarr. If you do the hike during the low season from Gnejna Bay, you`ll need to take a 15 minute walk back to the nearest bus stop in Mgarr. The way back is pleasant as you get to explore the very real and quiet life of the Maltese people, find a 17th century old Castle (Castello Zamittello) and end up at the center of Mgarr with a grand and beautiful church.



Baci a tutti,
          A. and R.



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