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We all know how beautiful Malta is, but for me, its little sister Gozo is the real charmer here. Only a 20 minute ferry ride away from its bigger sister, coming to Gozo might seem like stepping into a tiny, different world. Head there in the early spring if you are looking for endless green valleys filled with vineyards,  breathtaking coastline and good, very good food.
I`ve been in Gozo a few times before but it seemed that I never had enough time to explore the place in depth and feel the serenity that the island withholds. Even though I stayed there for 3 wonderful days, I already want need to come back and enjoy Gozo and what it has to offer to the fullest.

The tiny village of Xaghra is located almost at the very heart of Gozo island and is home to quite a few good restaurants for foodies. The village with its lovely church square is a perfect base to settle whilst discovering the island and enjoying all it has to offer. Probably the one and only place I would stay in Gozo is Sardinella bed and breakfast, situated minutes away from the town center. It is a perfect place for those searching for tranquility and a truly local experience. Located in a charming townhouse, Sardinella and its owner Kelvin will make you feel welcome and at ease.

Ramla Bay 

Start your trip at a lovely beach at Ramla bay just a short ride away from Xaghra. With its red sand beach, steep, green cliffs and and deep blue water the beach is one of the best sand beaches on the Maltese islands. Take a walk around or set for a pick nick here and enjoy the sun and the sea.

Xwejni Salt Pans 
Keep heading up the north till you reach and pass Marsalforn bay and just a few more minutes till you reach a breathtaking coastline with 350+ year old salt-pans just at the edge of the cliffs.They might seem a bit out of the way for the day plans perhaps, but the salt pans are truly worth the trip. Put your walking shoes on and go for a one/two hour walk around the coastline enjoying the views till you reach Wied L-Ghasri.
And now, if you are not too tired head for a dinner in one of the many great restaurants in Gozo or like me, fall asleep as soon as you lay your head on a pillow. 

  Ġgantija Temples

Once you are rested and all energetic, start your day at the temples located in Xaghra. The temples are listed at UNESCO World Heritage List and are one of the most important archaeological sites in the country. Make sure to walk around the museum and read about the temples before actually walking to see them so you understand why they are of such importance. Knowing your history is what matters.

Savina,Vini e capricci 

Early Saturday mornings are the best time to go by and check not only the fresh food stands all around the island, but also to get to know and taste the local delicatessen such as fresh goat milk cheese, prickly pear jams, carob syrup or even the local Gozitan salt flakes.

Ta’Cenc cliffs
My personal favorite part of the trip was taking a walk and picnicking at the edge of the cliffs, enjoying the fresh spring weather. There are many paths and walks one can take around the cliffs depending on how fit you are.. Or you just can ho ahead and explore yourself! For us, with all the yummy food we had to taste there was nothing better than stop and enjoy the views of the cliffs and Malta in the distance while enjoying some lovely food.

Inland sea / azure window
These two do not exist without each other. If you go to see the azure window, it`s impossible that you do not go down and visit the inland sea..Or the other way around. Be careful when walking to azure window, erosion is taking its toll on the window and it is vastly deteriorating. It is nice, but for me personally a highly overrated place. There is much more to Gozo than the azure window.

The day we had with all the wandering around makes you quite exhausted (or refreshed as for me) so take a good rest and later in the evening head over to Oleander bar and restaurant located in Xaghra (note: reservations are suggested) to enjoy some local goodness. Me and R. did our research on food in Gozo as we both really like “tasting” foods…:) 
The a la carte  menu is well designed for all tastes, but somehow I feel that their strong part are the specials, which we took. The atmosphere in the restaurant is fantastic the host and waiters are incredibly friendly and most of all… Great choice for the taste buds! 


Easter Sunday
There is no better way than to start an Easter Sunday in the Beautiful Victoria. Be sure to see the easter Sunday processions they are something quite unique to notice, walk around the Cittadella and of course have a lovely breakfast at one of the many places in the town. Just make sure to leave some space for the easter lunch! And chocolate eggs..:)
Xlendi bay
Our last stop for the weekend was the beautiful Xlendi bay, or as I call it my mind the Maltese Cinque terre… Somehow the place reminded me of the beautiful place in Italy I visited once. Located in a small inlet bay the town looks like from a postcard! 

Have lunch at the Stone Crab (try the seafood platter), and explore the surroundings afterwards.. The small grotto situated close to the restaurant and the beautiful Xlendi tower are worth the hike. Now you can head home with full and happy stomach! 

After a weekend like this..You do not want to leave the island!

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