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Sunday walks. Fomm ir Rih

There is nothing better for me than waking up on a Sunday morning to a beautiful day, putting my shoes on, packing some water, a camera and  bringing with me the best companion ever for a relaxed walk around the island.

It doesn’t matter whether the walk is long or short, getting out to some fresh air and light sea breeze always makes my day! And, since weather in Malta is getting perfect for such walks, my inner adventurer cannot resist going for an adventure!

On my last walk, I finally reached probably the most secluded beach in Malta, Fomm ir Rih.


I’ve tried to reach this beach before, probably a year ago or so, however, I chose the wrong way and ended up at the edge of the cliffs which I could not conquer. Ironically, the second time I tried to reach Fomm ir Rih, I was on the wrong side of the bay, however, took the wrong road and again- ended up by the edge of the cliffs with no access.

But, as many fruitless attempts I had before, it didn’t count this time - I did my homework and triple checked the way to the bay... And, this time I was sure that there was no way I wouldn't reach the beach!

In order to reach the path to Fomm ir Rih, you first need to pass through Bahrija town, always keeping on the main road and following the so barely visible signs to Fomm ir Rih. At some point, either by foot or by car, you will reach a small car parking spot which will indicate that you are on the right track.


What I noticed, when walking towards the beach, there are tons of signs on the side of the road screaming “private property” as well as on the path to the beach itself, which is probably the reason why the beach is so secluded and it’s so hard to reach – it seems that some people tried to do all things possible to keep Fomm ir Rih away from the rest of the human population!

The path leading to Fomm ir Rih is a narrow path alongside steep cliffs, which then reaches end, and goes straight down. The path takes around 20 minutes, it is not extremely hard, however, you do need to pay attention where to put your feet as the path is very rocky and you may injure your feet between the rocks.


Before your reach Fomm ir Rih, you’ll notice another small cove on the left side of the cliffs, but the beach is further down the path.

The beach itself is small, full of beautiful pebbles (make sure you bring your swimming shoes so you can get into water) and the water seemed perfect for light snorkeling – I felt sorry I didn’t bring my swimsuit with me!


The way back from the beach was more challenging as one may think. What seemed to us a light walk down, we noticed, turned into a good cardio workout on the way back, as you have to follow the same path and get back up to the top of the cliff from where you initially started. But that’s all good and healthy, right?..:)

So, if you kept reading this, you might have an inner explorer of your own and you are just not sure where to start. My suggestion is, put your shoes on and go out! That’s where you start. You don't need to travel thousands of miles to discover things and enjoy your day, you only need to turn around the corner from your comfort zone!




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