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Where it all began?

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine re-branded his blog. He has been writing on it for a while and the name of his re-branded blog got my attention the minute I read it. Being a “wannabe-know-it all” I went on google (obviously) and searched the name. Found out, it was a reference to Lovecraft and one of the most beautiful and meaningful phrases I’ve read in a while. And so I got to know, and so the time went on.

Until, a few days ago, he published an overdue introduction into his new re-branded blog. When I went on the blog to read it, I thought I won’t find anything new about the name. Obviously, I was wrong. What I got to learn while reading about his blog name was the reason why, WHY he chose such a name and what did it mean to him. And I fell in love again with his openness and uniqueness as a writer.

It also made me think. I understood, it seems I forgot the most important thing – to answer to you, dear readers, why I chose such a name for my blog.

It also inspired me. To finally tell you. So, Guido, this one is because of you and, for you.

My own, very, very overdue blog introduction.

My blog story started I believe back in November 2012. I just graduated from university, spent an amazing summer travelling around and volunteering. It was about the time I came back from holiday in Turkey and I already knew that I was going to have a gap year until I started my L.L.M. studies in Malta.

I wasn’t sure what to do with all the free time on my hands and since from time to time I have a creative spark, I thought I would do something with my time which would allow me to satisfy my craving for creativing. So, one gloomy, cold November evening, with an idea that I would like to share my travel stories I created a blog and called it No.146.

So, by now, you know how the blog came to life. But still, you ask me “why did you call it No.146“?

Thing is, starting a blog is not as easy as you think it might be. Even harder is to find a blog name, which allows you to write about all the things you want to write and not feel trapped because of the name. Since at the time I had no idea where this blog would take me, I was searching for something abstract enough, but still meaningful to me.

I remember very clearly I was sitting on my bed, looking around the room, searching for something to inspire me… And here it was… My little black volunteer badge from earlier in the summer with a phrase ” Culture night. Permission to sleep commandant No.146″.

And so my inspiration went on. No.146 seemed like something that would not go alone and would not mean anything to me. And so next to  No.146  the name came a phrase “the land of easy mathematics”. Till this day, “No.146 – the land of easy mathematics” is the best way how I can describe my blog.

No.146 represents a planet, undiscovered land of easy mathematics, which encompasses  my love for culture, outside world and the chances that you get. Its a place which thrives on story telling of travels and adventures, life and all things that make you, you. Its that place where my geekiness shows off at its best and where the “wannabe-know-it-all” can shine.

So, now you know. You want to ask what happened next?

Well, I went on with this name and posted my first blog post- I called it “United cats of Turkey“. I still love that post to this day! It really represents the character of the blog (if you haven`t read it, you know what to do)…

And, what’s going to happen now?

Well, now you know what this blog is all about. There are no secrets left here. And, honestly, it feels so much lighter to be able to finally share my blog name story with you. It feels right that you know, and that I finally managed to get it out there.

And now, well now, I will keep writing so you can read, and I will keep working and expanding this blog – it is a constant work in progress.

I hope you stay tuned and see where we go from there. It means the world to me to know that you read. And if you have ideas that youd like to share with me, or you want to collaborate - write to me, don`t be shy!

Also, I promise not to bore you to death.




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