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What Malta has taught me?

Every single place I lived in, be it in Lithuania or anywhere else, has always taught me a hing or two.

Whilst in the Netherlands I discovered that bicycle is one of the best means of transportation and how ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes’, a realisation as simple as this, has opened my eyes to be able to enjoy various activities even though the weather is not the best.

During my time in Italy, I seem to have picked up some habits from that beautiful place which you can read all about here.

I also learnt a lot while in Italy. At first, I learnt a new language and culture which became as close to my heart as Lithuanian. I learnt a lot about myself, and that my perseverance allows to overcome any difficulties in my path. Also, I learnt that there is no such thing as an ‘Italian cuisine’ Italy is big and diverse, and cuisine may vary drastically from one region to another.

It seems that wherever I`ve been, I learnt something and while living in Malta, the island life made me realise and learn a few things…

Valletta and the Maltese cross
Valletta and the Maltese cross

Living in Malta taught me how to appreciate more my beautiful, green homeland. Malta has taught me that floodings are possible even when living in a country with 300+ days of sunshine. It also has taught me about Kinnie-the distant cousin of Chinotto…

I`ve also realised that there is no such thing as Mediterranean cuisine and also learnt many times that you cannot rely on public transport – it`s always best to rely on your feet. Besides, living here has taught me that the majority of shopkeepers will try to screw you over just because you don’t look like a local.

I`ve also picked up a few   I cannot imagine my life without kunserva now or the Gozitan ftira. I`ve also understood that red light for cars can often appear green and that green for pedestrians barely exists.

But probably the one thing I really realised is that it doesn`t matter if I live here or there..As long as I am surrounded by close people and honest, long-lasting relationships.

I wonder, what life abroad, or life in general has taught you recently?.. Feel free to share!:)



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