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Sardegna: Il Nuraghe

Island history is fascinating. From small islands with strong history and influence of knights to islands whose history is still uncertain and as old as human civilization is.

I’ve been to Sardegna and I’ve seen its beautiful landscape with beaches and crystal clear waters, but nothing really brings you closer to understanding the life of a Sardinian than seeing the nuraghes and trying to dig out all their secrets.


I’ve heard this term nuraghe mentioned time and time again whilst in Sardegna as if it was a precious artifact but it took a while to organise to see one.

Nuraghe is an Italian word which stands for an ancient Nuragic civilization and its giant, beehive-like city structures. I was told that the whole island of Sardegna is covered with these giant structures that resemble nothing of what I’ve previously seen or can compare to.


Built of rocks, stone and a layer of dirt, a tower which supports its own weight through a complex architectural structure and is at least 30-40 meters high it might have as well been home of giants if they ever existed.

I’ve seen only one nuraghe so far, the one in the small town of Barumini in the south of Sardegna, in the historic region of Marmilla. It’s called ‘Su Nuraxi’ as in ‘the Nuraghe’ as this one is one of the biggest Nuragic constructions you will find.


The name represents the place well. And the pictures never do it justice. It is tall and gigantic and the way it’s built leaves your mouth open and a ‘wow’ somewhere in between.

As if the nuraghe wouldn’t be enough, the town of Barumini also has a beautiful old mansion which has been restored and underneath it stores nothing else but some more, smaller ruins of nuraghe. Right under your feet.


I do love how islands are full of surprises. One can only imagine what beauty next I’ll get to see while visiting one of them.

Till later,



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