About me

My literature teacher always told me that I was the worst writer in the world. I am pretty sure it wasn`t because I could not come up with something to write, but because I wasn`t the one who would write according to her guidance. But then again, I cannot call it guidance when someone just tells you what you have to write about and, why you must interpret one poem like this but not like that…

As you can understand I didn`t really enjoy literature, even though I love reading. I didn`t enjoy it because I didn`t feel encouraged to express myself or my opinions. And that`s what really matters to me. Anyway, I`m not at school anymore.

After a year or so of on and off blog writing I think I finally understood why I`m doing this. I just need a space to express myself and the real world doesn`t seem to be enough to me. And this is why you should get to know me because I`ll be sticking here for a bit while longer.:)

Now I`m not planning to become a writer nor I`m a good one. Sometimes I don`t even know what to write about! Just like all of us I guess. But I`ve got quite a few passions. And this is what I`ll write about. Or I`ll show you…

I`m not going to put my blog into some frame of what it`s going to be all about. In fact, it will be always, ALWAYS be under constant development as I am. I live and with every single day of my life I learn something new, I get new ideas, I change my world view and my opinions as much as a girl changes clothes before a date. I`m not constant about anything and I`ve never been. But, when I was around 18, my mum told me that I never finish anything…  And at the time it was quite true. Thus since then, I feel like I`ve been challenged for the greatest challenge of my life. And I love it!:)

And this challenge is one of the reasons why I constantly come back to write. Because I don`t think I could ever finish blogging! It`s one of these constant things I`m sure about in my life that will always be here and even after a silent month or so, I will be always able to come back and continue my journey… Just think about it. How many thoughts and ideas travel through ones mind every day! And do you know how many of ideas go through my head every single day?!.. Tons. The problem is that the more randomly they come, the more quickly I forget them. Oh, if I could only write them all down, just a sketch or something!…

A few more things you should now about me. I always get distracted by the strangest, little things… I get excited very easily. And anyone can make me happy with not much effort as well! (well as long as it`s honest and coming from the heart)  I love big animals. Whales and bears especially. And elephants, sea lions and all the wonderful creatures that live out there. I believe that all people are good but not all of us a strong willed. I admire my parents for not only being the best examples for us three sisters but also for the bigger part of the people I know. I cannot imagine my world without traveling, it`s one of the reasons I love life. I have a huge crush on R. I  sometimes think I was born in a wrong century. I sometimes wish I was born in the 15th century so I could explore the world and discover the Americas or something..:)

I`m a girl with a multitude of passions.

I hope you enjoyed the journey so far and you`ll stick around for some more.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Love, A.