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The chocolate cake

Chocolate cakesare good. Especially when you find that one chocolate pie recipe that you want to do over and over again.I found mine.It is easy and fast to prepare and everyone will love it. And I mean, everyone:)With no further ado, the recipe for you!What do you need: 1. 200 g of sugar;2. 200 g of…… Continue reading The chocolate cake

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Tell me if you like pizza and I`ll know what kind of person you are

Every week or so, here at home me and mine we tend to have a pizza night. And of course, because we love cooking so much we also love preparing the perfect (for us!) pizza dough! The story of this dough is very simple. While living with an Italian family I used to have a pizza…… Continue reading Tell me if you like pizza and I`ll know what kind of person you are

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Things you don`t know about bruschetta

Ciao!I recently had a chance to make some of my favorite appetizers for the hot summer evenings and of course you know what I`m talking about, le bruschette! of course, you very well known I`m not as good a cook as an average Italian, but still, I like to experiment, and because I have an…… Continue reading Things you don`t know about bruschetta

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Lemon drizzle cake

Hello friend! I don’t know how about you, but lemon drizzle cake is my absolute favorite one! The sweet and sour, the softness of the cake makes it absolutely divine! To tell the truth, during my baking career it was one of my goals to find a perfect recipe for a lemon cake which would be…… Continue reading Lemon drizzle cake

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Mascarpone cake with berries

Though I am a huge candy person, baking a proper cake was something big. First of all, I have never in my life baked one and, what is more, the long process scared the hell out of me. But. The time has come for me to except the challenge and bake a cake. Thank God,…… Continue reading Mascarpone cake with berries

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Zucchini pizza

We all love pizza. And we all know that it is one of the sins for our body. Though I am not a huge healthy eater or a calorie counter type person, spring Is here and with the swimming season so close no one wants to gain weight. It is not the first time that…… Continue reading Zucchini pizza

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Ending pumpkin season (Squash,orange and lemon jam)

Finally, squash season has ended. This year the end of pumpkin reign in our house coincided with the beginning of calendar winter and, thank God, pumpkin mania is over. I have never ever in my life had so much squash and I am proud to say that my family is over pumpkins; well, at least…… Continue reading Ending pumpkin season (Squash,orange and lemon jam)