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What Malta has taught me?

Every single place I lived in, be it in Lithuania or anywhere else, has always taught me a hing or two. Whilst in the Netherlands I discovered that bicycle is one of the best means of transportation and how ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes’, a realisation as simple as…… Continue reading What Malta has taught me?

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Sunday walks. Fomm ir Rih

There is nothing better for me than waking up on a Sunday morning to a beautiful day, putting my shoes on, packing some water, a camera and  bringing with me the best companion ever for a relaxed walk around the island. It doesn’t matter whether the walk is long or short, getting out to some…… Continue reading Sunday walks. Fomm ir Rih

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Edition 1: Golden Bay-Gnejna Bay

Ciao a tutti! Friday was a good day for me. I felt so inspired besides the fact that I felt like I caught a small cold… Besides, the past week or so I struggled a bit to find topics to talk to you about.. And we all know how sometimes it is incredibly difficult to…… Continue reading Edition 1: Golden Bay-Gnejna Bay

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We all know how beautiful Malta is, but for me, its little sister Gozo is the real charmer here. Only a 20 minute ferry ride away from its bigger sister, coming to Gozo might seem like stepping into a tiny, different world. Head there in the early spring if you are looking for endless green…… Continue reading Gozo

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3 Common Misconceptions about Malta

Ever noticed how after spending some time in a country you suddenly realize that not all things you read, heard or thought about before coming here are  actually true? I`ve never thought  about it before, however the other night me and R. were having a conversation and I started thinking that I had a few…… Continue reading 3 Common Misconceptions about Malta

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6 Things that happen in Malta

I like observing the local lifestyle here. It is truly fascinating, a bit weird and sometimes a bit terrifying but it`s another story.. Things that happen here in Malta, are very interesting sometimes. Very different from where I am from in both the good and the bad way.    Through all my travels I`ve never…… Continue reading 6 Things that happen in Malta

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5 tips when visiting Malta

As most of travelers do before venturing into a new adventure I do my research on the place i`m headed to so I could at least feel safe about the places I want to see and things I want to do. When I came to Malta, that was not the case however. I`ve got my…… Continue reading 5 tips when visiting Malta