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Destination guide:Durban

South Africa has always fascinated me and there is no way better way to get inspired on the next adventure than to get some tips and tricks from a local. Shalinee form Life, Love and Travel  is one of those locals i have pleasure of knowing. Obviously, I had to ask her to tell me…… Continue reading Destination guide:Durban

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Memories from Istanbul

When going to Istanbul, leave all the predjudices behind. The city will turn out to be anything but what you imagined. Busy, green, crowded, beautiful and everything else one would want from a city. I personally, fell in love with the city all the way from the Mediterranean side of Bosphorous to the Black Sea…… Continue reading Memories from Istanbul

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A traveler`s profie: Shalinee from Life, Love & Travel

Whether while travelling or living abroad I always meet people. People that are incredibly talented, interesting and warm-hearted. And even when we part, with no exact time line when will be the next time to meet again, the people I meet around the world always leave me inspired! And when you get to know that they…… Continue reading A traveler`s profie: Shalinee from Life, Love & Travel

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Malta in pictures

It has been a little bit more than a year now that I am living in Malta and during this amazing time I have both seen and experienced the island life in depth to share it with you.Over the last year or so i have accumulated quite a big collection of photos of the Maltese…… Continue reading Malta in pictures

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Letter to autumn

Dear autumn,The weather is changing. The soft breeze has been succeeded by strong gusts of wind bringing with it a change in the skies. The clear, blue skies are becoming grayish, bearing with them  rain showers and stormy weathers.  I like you, autumn.You come with the rain and wind and you change everything around here……… Continue reading Letter to autumn