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Habits I picked up while living in Italy

Being exposed to a different culture has its token on me. Like every traveler I did not only want to get to know the country and the lifestyle but also feel a part of it. After the lovely time I spent living in Italy I couldn`t but notice that while there, I`ve picked up some…… Continue reading Habits I picked up while living in Italy

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Do you know that when winter comes bears bury themselves in caves and sleep till spring? Well, that`s what has happened to me. No, I am not a bear, but I have been ill for almost a month and there is nothing a person wants to do more than sleep while having a 39.2 degree…… Continue reading Lunedi!

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Bologna e di più

A lot has happened between the 7thand the 18th (the day I wrote this actual blog. Sorry for the delay. I had influenza). The last several hours I have been sitting and trying my best to put all the things I did and places I went to into a chronological order or at least into…… Continue reading Bologna e di più

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La Dotta

Every time I go out I get to know a different Bologna. There is Bologna ‘’ La Grassa’’, Bologna ‘’La Dotta’’. There is Bologna ‘’La Turrita’’ and Bologna ‘’La Rossa’’. One city and its several faces.Bologna ‘’La Dotta’’ is known as Bologna ‘’the educated’’. This is the face of Bologna where students are gods and…… Continue reading La Dotta

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Oggi e ieri

Yesterday I was thinking that flight Vilnius-Brussels- Bologna I will never forget in my life. Not because the flight was exciting or something, but because the whole journey I could not keep myself from smiling. And, because a steward said that I was the only blond on the plane which, at the moment, I thought…… Continue reading Oggi e ieri