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Athens photo diary

Hi all,So, i went to Athens a few weeks ago for a weekend getaway and i absolutely loved it. So this evening i give you a glimpse of the fun I had there and the beautiful places i saw! I promise a short blog post of what`s worth seeing in Athens will follow shortly, but…… Continue reading Athens photo diary

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Memories from Istanbul

When going to Istanbul, leave all the predjudices behind. The city will turn out to be anything but what you imagined. Busy, green, crowded, beautiful and everything else one would want from a city. I personally, fell in love with the city all the way from the Mediterranean side of Bosphorous to the Black Sea…… Continue reading Memories from Istanbul

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Nenu, the Artisan baker

When the inspiration to write about this place I visited during the weekend stroke me, I did not have a camera with me to properly show you the place, or a notebook to write down some thoughts.. So, please excuse me for the quality of the pictures but for those of you who are searching…… Continue reading Nenu, the Artisan baker

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Letter to autumn

Dear autumn,The weather is changing. The soft breeze has been succeeded by strong gusts of wind bringing with it a change in the skies. The clear, blue skies are becoming grayish, bearing with them  rain showers and stormy weathers.  I like you, autumn.You come with the rain and wind and you change everything around here……… Continue reading Letter to autumn

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Rome in photographs

Ciao!Today  I want to show you Rome. The city that has been talked about, written about and showed as a marvelous masterpiece of art for centuries… As Giotto di Bondone said “Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning.”Enjoy. The Colosseum Live sculptures Street artists  Streets and lightsThe…… Continue reading Rome in photographs

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Livorno photo diary

Ciao a tutti!Let me show you around today a forgotten and sleepy port city of Livorno on the south west coast of Tuscany, Italy… Come and enjoy the wanderlust with me!Livorno has its own Venezian quarter, full of narrow streets and canals. It`s like a Souther Italian Venezia with a charm of Tuscany… P.S. If…… Continue reading Livorno photo diary

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Edinburgh vibes

“And yet the place establishes an interest in people’s hearts; go where they will, they find no city of the same distinction.”                                                                      (R.L. Stevenson, Edinburgh, 1878)  I don`t travel the world. Not yet at least. Instead, I go wherever life brings me never (almost!) saying no. And that`s probably what, some may think, makes…… Continue reading Edinburgh vibes