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5 tips when visiting Malta

As most of travelers do before venturing into a new adventure I do my research on the place i`m headed to so I could at least feel safe about the places I want to see and things I want to do. When I came to Malta, that was not the case however. I`ve got my…… Continue reading 5 tips when visiting Malta

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Nenu, the Artisan baker

When the inspiration to write about this place I visited during the weekend stroke me, I did not have a camera with me to properly show you the place, or a notebook to write down some thoughts.. So, please excuse me for the quality of the pictures but for those of you who are searching…… Continue reading Nenu, the Artisan baker

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8 reasons to live by the sea

Ciao! I finally have time to sit back and reflect on the September which passed with such a storm that I cannot really yet comprehend it`s almost the middle of October. My life recently has been going on such a pace that I sometimes even consider how did I manage to get through it. But…… Continue reading 8 reasons to live by the sea

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Tell me if you like pizza and I`ll know what kind of person you are

Every week or so, here at home me and mine we tend to have a pizza night. And of course, because we love cooking so much we also love preparing the perfect (for us!) pizza dough! The story of this dough is very simple. While living with an Italian family I used to have a pizza…… Continue reading Tell me if you like pizza and I`ll know what kind of person you are

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Hello world!

My literature teacher always told me that I was the worst writer in the world. I am pretty sure it wasn`t because I could not come up with something to write, but because I wasn`t the one who would write according to her guidance. But then again, I cannot call it guidance when someone just…… Continue reading Hello world!

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Things you don`t know about bruschetta

Ciao!I recently had a chance to make some of my favorite appetizers for the hot summer evenings and of course you know what I`m talking about, le bruschette! of course, you very well known I`m not as good a cook as an average Italian, but still, I like to experiment, and because I have an…… Continue reading Things you don`t know about bruschetta

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Lemon drizzle cake

Hello friend! I don’t know how about you, but lemon drizzle cake is my absolute favorite one! The sweet and sour, the softness of the cake makes it absolutely divine! To tell the truth, during my baking career it was one of my goals to find a perfect recipe for a lemon cake which would be…… Continue reading Lemon drizzle cake