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Weekend escape: Athens. Episode one

Strolling around the streets of Athens during a heatwave may not be the best idea, but even a heatwave doesn’t stop a history lover. In fact, it made my experience in Athens even more memorable- how did students back in time go to Plato’s Academy or the Aristotele`s Lyceum? Makes one appreciate the great invention…… Continue reading Weekend escape: Athens. Episode one

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A traveler`s profie: Shalinee from Life, Love & Travel

Whether while travelling or living abroad I always meet people. People that are incredibly talented, interesting and warm-hearted. And even when we part, with no exact time line when will be the next time to meet again, the people I meet around the world always leave me inspired! And when you get to know that they…… Continue reading A traveler`s profie: Shalinee from Life, Love & Travel

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Surviving summer heat

Need some  tips on how to survive summer heat?Summers can be hard, especially if you decide to travel down south. Being on the road, during heat waves is something you have to be careful about and take precautions.  I thought I`ll share some tips and tricks what works best for me!1. Hydration, hydration, hydration. You…… Continue reading Surviving summer heat

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Lost in cheesland

It has been written about Paris in every possible way. I mean, we all know that Hemingway wrote “A moveable feast” and his narratives of the Paris quais and cafés are absorbing. Not that long ago Woody Allen created a movie based on that story. Uncountable number of poets dedicated their work to this city…… Continue reading Lost in cheesland