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6 Things that happen in Malta

I like observing the local lifestyle here. It is truly fascinating, a bit weird and sometimes a bit terrifying but it`s another story.. Things that happen here in Malta, are very interesting sometimes. Very different from where I am from in both the good and the bad way.    Through all my travels I`ve never…… Continue reading 6 Things that happen in Malta

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5 tips when visiting Malta

As most of travelers do before venturing into a new adventure I do my research on the place i`m headed to so I could at least feel safe about the places I want to see and things I want to do. When I came to Malta, that was not the case however. I`ve got my…… Continue reading 5 tips when visiting Malta

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Introducing Malta

Hey there! For those who are not so good in geography, Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. And for those who don`t follow my blog, I happened to have moved here almost a year ago now. And since I`m already accustomed to the Maltese lifestyle, their traditions and the island lifestyle,…… Continue reading Introducing Malta