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5 tips when visiting Malta

As most of travelers do before venturing into a new adventure I do my research on the place i`m headed to so I could at least feel safe about the places I want to see and things I want to do. When I came to Malta, that was not the case however. I`ve got my…… Continue reading 5 tips when visiting Malta

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Ferrara and friends.

Le botellón.  When on Friday evening I arrived the first words I heard were something between these lines: “Andiamo.. Presto… Le botellón…“ These words made me and V. a bit confused. Nonetheless, we left our belongings at our new temporary home (yes, home, as staying with the friends of V. felt just like home) and…… Continue reading Ferrara and friends.

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This blog post could actually be very short as everything that I have to say can be put in two sentences.There are beautiful cities in the world. And then, there is Firenze.And now, I will try to explain why.First of all, when you go out of the train station in Firenze, you are struck by…… Continue reading Weekend